Welcome to Kvar Connect.              

We have formed a team of specialists to find solutions to all your energy related problems.  All our products and services are aimed at helping you to:

  • save money and energy,
  • reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and
  • demonstrate envronmentally responsible corporate behaviour.


Want your business to be more environmentally responsible? Our products and services help you reduce greenhouse gases. Have trees planted to match your savings in tonnes of CO2 saved.


Power Factor Correction               

Power Factor Correction is helping to protect the environment by reducing the reactive power and emissions of Greenhouse Gases, saving resources and providing an active contribution to a better climate.  By increasing your energy efficiency through installation of power factor, you save energy used with a payback period of usually less than 24 months.[More…]

Infrared Thermal Imaging               

Ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems and improving the bottom line of your business.  Avoid the costs of an electrical failure that could have been detected with an annual inspection.More…]



SkyCool Thermal Roof Coating            

Let this specialised thermal coating eliminate solar heating before it enters building. Better than all forms of insulation and reflective coatings, it actually draws heat out of the building, rendering its interior cooler than ambient air.  Thus reducing air conditioning plant and running costs by 30%-50%. [More...]

 Greenhouse Gases             




Power Factor Unit




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