Power Factor Correction

What Is Power Factor?

epcos logoPower Factor (PF) is a measure of how efficiently your equipment converts electric current from your electrical power supplier to useful output, such as heat, light or mechanical motion.   A high Power Factor ratio equals high efficiency, so low Power Factor costs you money. The ratio of the real power consumed in kilo Watts(kW) and the actual power supplied in kilo Volt Amps (KVA) determines your Power Factor.

The relationship between the types of power used to run a system are shown as the power triangle.  Reactive power is shown at right angles to real power, because it is out of phase and does no useful work.  A Power Factor of 0.75, means that an installation is using 75% of the power being supplied to it.

PF is only available where KVA charging applies.

What should I Do?

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